Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sweet picture in Will's mind

Yesterday we were in the car, driving to grandma's house, listening to music. 'I am a Child of God' started playing and the boys started singing along (a sweet moment in and of itself!) After the song was over, though, Will said one of the most touching things I have heard come out of his mouth. He said,"Mom, whenever I hear that song, I imagine walking through our church building all by myself and no one is around. Then, when I turn a corner, there is Jesus!!!"

I almost started to cry at this visual image. We are all children of our Heavenly Father, and we should all be so excited to 'run into Him' somewhere unexpected!


Friday, September 28, 2007

Just Gamin'

Tonight, Will, Matt, myself (Mom), and Grandma Julie were sitting around playing one of our favorite games, 'Settlers of Catan.' William looked at me seriously and said, "Mom, is this game a cross between 'Go Fish' and 'Chess'?


Monday, September 24, 2007

A funny from Will

Today, as Will was finishing his homework, I was standing in the kitchen and he came up to me and said (completely seriously),
"Mom, I can help you with your garden and flowers."
I replied, "Oh.....?"
He said, "Yeah, because I have a GREEN THUMB" and he held up his thumb where he had placed a green, pencil top eraser!

We all laughed like crazy! I think that's his first 'real' joke!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

William just singing his heart out!

"The wise man built his house upon the rock,
The wise man built his house upon the rock,
The wise man built his house upon the rock, and the rains came tumbling down.

The rains came down and the FLOWERS came up,
The rains came down and the FLOWERS came up,
The rains came down and the FLOWERS came up, and the house on the rock stood still!"


Thursday, August 30, 2007

What William won't be...

Today we took the boys to the USU opening Football game. After USU made a touchdown, Will made this observation:

Will: "Dad, I saw some people flipping over there."
Warren: "Yeah, those are the cheerleaders."
Will: "NO, Dad, these were BOYS..." :-)

He was also particularly intersted in the Aggie dancers - standing up to get a better view when they were dancing near us in the in-zone. Sly-dog!

All of the boys loved the game. Unfortunatley, USU lost, and after the game Will said (while wearing his Jr. Aggie T-shirt and hat), "Mom, we shoulda chose the other team."

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where's the hair???

William was able to see Matthew on Friday. He really did well considering that Matt has a shaved head with 34 stitches across his crown. Yesterday I spoke with Will on the phone (my good friend Susan, visiting from Boston, took Will, Nate, and Drew, along with her two boys, up to our home to spend the weekend). I was hearing about the fun time they were having - Susan is awesome and had taken all 5 boys to 2 seperate parks, they had eaten tons of popsicles, and just sounded like they were really having a good time. I told Will that Matthew seemed to be doing well. William asked:

"Did they put his hair back, yet???"

That little comment just made me laugh, and made my day! I'm sure his hair will grow back soon, but it was darling that Will was so concerned about it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sticky News

One cute thing that Will's Kindergarten class does is 'Sticky News.' The children at a certain table are given the opportunity to share anything they want with the class. Then, this information is written down on a big piece of 2 inch wide masking tape, and the kids get to wear it the rest of the day. I haven't been keeping them, or keeping track of them up to this point, but today realized they might make some cute memories! So, starting today I'm going to write down the date and Will's 'Sticky News.' Then I'll post this at the end of the school year!

(I just realized that this post would show up in order of the date it was
started, regardless of when it was officially posted. So, since there is no point in waiting until the end of the year, I will just post it right now and edit it each time he gets a turn to do 'Sticky News'.)

"I like to play Pokemon with my brother Matthew."

"Today Jim is coming to the museum with me."

"I got a medal for soccer and baseball."

"I'm going on a trip to see my grandma."

"I want to have a snowball fight."

"When I wrestle with my dad, sometimes we all try to get on top of him."

"I have a Ninja Turtle movie from my birthday."

My role (at least to Will).

William has been fascinated lately with people's career titles (i.e. Daddy is a lawyer, Grandma is a teacher, etc...) versus 'just regular people.' He and Warren had a long conversation the other day about Will's desire to 'not be anything Dad, I just wanna be a regular person.'

Today in the car, we revisited this theme.

William: "Mom, you're not anything, right?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
William: "Well, you're not an army guy, you're not a worker or anything."
Me: "Well, I do have a job. Do you know what that job is?"
William: "You take care of our family's kids."
Me: "Yes, I do that. I also cook all of our food, and keep our house nice, and take you places."
William: "So, you're sort of like a servant?"

I couldn't really say anything to that!!! Luckily, my own opinion of the importance of what I do for our family does not hinge on the views of my five year old!!! :-)